Saturday, February 2, 2013

Healthy Jewelry Blog Hop Reveal!

OK so the word I chose was Balance. I have balance in some areas of my life, I can stand on 1 leg (sometimes ), I can carry a tray of food & drinks, and I can even balance a checkbook.  I'm looking for the balance that comes from within- mental balance and emotional balance. I want to hold a steady pace, take everything that comes my way and keep a level head. I have always been the one who is a little more sensitive and at times quick to jump to conclusions.  I think balance will be the key.
So I made a Message in a Bottle Necklace to remind me
Have fun today seeing all the Amazing projects!
Head over to :
To see what everyone did

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Healthy Jewelry?

A few weeks ago I was on one of my favorite blogs Make Bracelets! by Tjstatler and I am so excited! She always has great ideas over there, she is very well spoken and very talented and she does these great blog hops! Actually, after finding her blog last year, I finally got enough courage to try some different styles of jewelry making, she makes beautiful things! Anyway, she is putting on a blog hop that will be published on Feb 2 and I am so very excited to be participating! Its called
                                                "Inspire Change: Wellness Words Jewelry"
The basis of this challenge is to come up with a meaningful word or phrase that will help you make a healthy change in yourself and your life. You then need to create a piece of jewelry and incorporate your word/words into the design. The purpose is to help you reflect on yourself, find something you would like to improve, and then remember what you find. I gotta tell ya, I have been thinking about this since I read the post the first time ( I think Ive read it 3x now). Aside from the actual challenge, her entire post is inspiring! I have been so inspired and really digging deep to find what this means to me and how it can help me. I think alot of people who are artsy and creative find their favorite medium and to often it becomes a habit. Each project, though it may come from within, may not always have the meaning behind it. I am guilty. I used to bead and make my jewelry with my heart. Every piece had a specific person, event, or special meaning or inspiration behind it. I find myself disliking more and more of my creations, and even the process of making them. Not anymore. I figured out what the problem is thanks to this challenge! Tjstatler, I thank you for that!
So keep your eyes open for that blog hop, the reveal is on Feb 2 and it will be fantastic!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Word of The Day


noun \ˌmō-tə-ˈvā-shən\
Definition of MOTIVATION
a: the act or process of motivating
b: the condition of being motivated
: a motivating force, stimulus, or influence : incentive, drive
So what does motivation have to do with my day, you ask? I have none but need some! I have been fighting with my headaches, some sort of virus, and my sleep for a bit over a week but today I feel relativly ok. And yet I am sitting on the couch blogging! LOL! So I am searching for some motivation.
I have a plan. I have  taken out 3 projects that I need to finish and I am gonna start with the quickest and move on from there...check back later for an update!

Focus and Follow-Through

I have a hard time focusing. I have the greatest intentions and a huge imagination but the focus to finish a project simply isnt there. I used to finish things. I used to get so excited about my new ideas i wouldnt stop until I finished. I always have several projects going at 1 time. I paint frames, I have a Cricut Expressions 2, I make jewelry and hair things. I am constantly searching for that 1 art medium that I fall in love with and cant stop myself from doing. I like all art stuff though, all the stuff I have tried at least. I challenge myself to learn new things often, but if it doesnt tickle my fancy quickly, I move on. I should stop doing that. This year, 2013 the 2 things I would like to work on is my focus, and my follow-through. Im gonna do it! Dare me!