Monday, January 21, 2013

Focus and Follow-Through

I have a hard time focusing. I have the greatest intentions and a huge imagination but the focus to finish a project simply isnt there. I used to finish things. I used to get so excited about my new ideas i wouldnt stop until I finished. I always have several projects going at 1 time. I paint frames, I have a Cricut Expressions 2, I make jewelry and hair things. I am constantly searching for that 1 art medium that I fall in love with and cant stop myself from doing. I like all art stuff though, all the stuff I have tried at least. I challenge myself to learn new things often, but if it doesnt tickle my fancy quickly, I move on. I should stop doing that. This year, 2013 the 2 things I would like to work on is my focus, and my follow-through. Im gonna do it! Dare me!

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